Spud’s Coffee Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary!

Spud’s Coffee Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary!

We are truly passionate about coffee, food and people.

Building a coffee shop has been about taking a dream, an idea, a passion and creating something beautiful that we can share with our friends, families and community.

We have a goal, to make excellent coffee and share it with others. We make sure what’s in your cup represents the talented barista, the skillful roaster and the hard-working farmer it took to make it. During your visit, it’s likely that you’ll witness our true obsession with consistency, expression and flavor. Whether it’s a nuanced espresso or our zesty specialty drink, we want to create something that will eradicate the thought that there is any such thing as a “regular cup of joe”.

Our commitment to quality and detail drives us to find the absolute best quality ingredients and to use them in a way that honors the hard work and attention to detail that our partners put into producing them. Here at Spud’s we run an elevated scratch kitchen. Most of our menu is handmade from scratch.

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Wednesday to Friday – 7am to 5pm
Saturday & Sunday – 9am to 5pm
Monday & Tuesday – CLOSED

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